Marketing Leader • Creative Risk Taker

You're Looking to Scale your startup Fast? Hire Me.

I Will Help You Grow Faster.

Building more than outstanding marketing strategies, I build TRUST through integrity, empathy, and excellent results.

Growth Hacking

With an MBA and years of marketing experience I collaborate across business functions to keep the sales funnel full.

Operations & Project Management

Detail focused without losing sight of big picture business goals. I manage change and growth in a way that doesn't slow change and growth.

Data-Driven Strategies

Marketing doesn't have to be shooting in the dark. I'll dig up the relevant data, set stretch KPI's and maximize our ROI.

Digital Marketing

Email. Social. Remarketing. SEO. It can quickly become overwhelming for a growing startup. I will make sure we maximize resources to capture and convert our target audience.

Content Creation

Grab their interest. Teach them something new. Keep them coming back for more. Content marketing is a long-game approach and requires strategic voice and vision, but can have exponential impact. Let me show you how.

Brand Management

My years of graphic design, web design, branding and photography experience will help keep your growing team lean & agile, and your visuals on point.

Future Focused & Insatiably Curious

Ag-Tech. CRISPR. Robotics. Brain controlled prosthetics. Autonomous vehicles...

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